International Approval Global Recommendation

Meeting the International Quality requirements, providing the quality products suit the demands of the top level competitions.

?Using the high quality raw materials and advanced equipments
?Advanced performance, Excellent wear and UV resistance guaranteed durability
?Easy maintenance

Professional football

The new elite series of products are developed to meet the FIFA Quality requirements and tested by LABOSPORT in terms of playing performance and ball-surface interaction. Football fields built with this range of products provide a combination of advanced performance and durability to suit the demands of the top level competitions.

Innovative yarn ensures excellent wear and UV resistance, far exceeding the requirements set by FIFA (Lisport wear tests over 80,000 cycles still maintain good playing performance); (Tensile strength of Pile yarns reduces less than 10% after artificial weathering over 3,000 hours with minimal colour change)

Quality control over every aspect of the project from yarn to manufacture to installation. Products have been used for 51 FIFA accredit football fields.

Non-infill system

High-density artificial grass layer consists of unique profiled fibres and improved texturised filaments, with underlying prefabricated shockpad. This non-infill system avoids the problems of infills splashing and compaction, enables flexibility in use and fast installation.

Resilient fibres designed to remain upright, provide consistent ball performance
Large yarn density offers enhanced playing comfort with ideal linear and rotational friction
Shockpad underlayer improves surface shock absorbency ability and protection for players
Popular choice for futsal pitches and public playing fields

Community football
This range of durable artificial grass products designed to withstand frequent use throughout the year as a budget friendly surface that still meets the required standards for football at community levels. It is the solution in combine with durability and playability and low in maintenance requirement. 

Optimum fibre structure improves the capacity for recovery with a natural appearance
Ball-surface interaction and playing properties similar to natural grass
Appropriate tuft distribution helps prevent infills compaction

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